Intro thread 99 lx470

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Aug 4, 2020
The foothills
I just joined. It says to make an introduction. Been looking over this forum and there is so much information!

I got a 99 lx470. White. Great shape. 140k miles. Garage queen. I'm hoping to keep this car forever. So I'm going to look into maintenance stuff. I don't think anything has been done other then timing and water pump. I live off grid in northern California on a farm in the mountains. I drive dirt roads and off road every day. But the trails are pretty nice and She seems pretty capable, so i don't think i need any performance upgrades right away. I need some overland stuff though asap. I would like a free standing awning and rack. Trying to figure out the least expensive option because man they are pricey. Figure out a light duty tow attachment. I have a real truck so i won't be towing anything significant, but a cargo carrier and maybe a small utility trailer once in a while would be good. It isn't really capable of pulling the bigger things i have to tow. I want a second deep cycle battery. I need to find a way to mount a small inverter suitcase generator. I would like to avoid getting a steel bumper, but i don't know if that's possible. I had igee make custom seat covers. They sent me the wrong ones at first. It looks like the replacements fit well. I ordered cargo liner from China that covers the sides. I'm looking for retractable sun shades for the back windows Like i have in my Audi. I'm surprised to see there isn't much available.

If anyone can think of any good threads for me to look at, let me know! And thanks for everyone contributing to this site!
welcome, young grasshopper

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