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Feb 21, 2014
Marietta, GA
I have had an intermittent idle/rough/backfire (pop, pop, pop) running issue for the past 6-8 months. I had been trying to track down if it was timing/carb/vacuum. After a lot of little things, including adjusting the carb and gapping the plugs and checking all the wires, the truck was running pretty well, I was pleased with it. That was probably 3 weeks ago, over the course of the 3 weeks the truck slowly began to run rough again, not horrible, but I was noticing that it wasn't running as well. Yesterday, the truck ran really rough, it was miss firing horribly and I turned around and parked it until I could look at it.

Today, I pulled all the plugs, they were all fouled. I cleaned and gapped again, the gaps were all wider than they should be. Started again, and it was still running rough. I pulled the distributer cap and made sure everything was moving freely in there. Started it up and it ran better, but still a little off, I reved it pretty high and it seemed to blow some carbon out, and it then ran great, like better than it ever has.

Since I have owned it it has always had a backfire problem on decelerations and a little bit when idling. When descending a mountain, it would just pop all the way down. I thought it was an exhaust manifold leak, but the problem is gone.

So that is the good news, that I found the source of the problem.

I checked the timing with a buddy and it was timed to TDC. Unfortunately, the distributer is stuck and will not rotate, when the bolt is loose.

I was thinking of putting a DUI or FJ60 big cap in to hopefully settle whatever the issue is. Any suggestions?

Any recommendation on breaking the distributer loose?

Is it a good idea to replace the distributer or try and repair it?

Thanks in advance.
Oct 7, 2011
Austin TX
What is the gap between the reluctor wheel and the pickup coil set at? In the photo it looks like a big gap. If so, you'll get intermittent spark and the plugs won't fire if they get dirty.

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