In case you didn't know...

Dec 23, 2002

I tell you what (and now Jerod knows), there is nothing like seeing your truck in gloss in the pages of Toyota Trails!

When I made Trails End, I was literally elated. wait, did that sound gay?
I was ecstatic? I was extremely joyous? too holiday. very happy?

Nicely done Jerod, I look forward to seeing it. (ya, mine is waiting for me at home, but I am not home till Thursday). My truck is not nice enough for Readers Rigs... only trails end.
Feb 1, 2006
Nice CA
I know what you mean Tony...I couldn't believe it when there was a pic of the ass-end of my rig and all the s--- I carry on a typical rubicon trip (Sept/Oct Trails-End) I had to cut it out, frame it and keep it right next to Henry's calendar. OH! What a Feeling!

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