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Apr 1, 2004
Northern Colorado
That's really pretty good for a healthy stockish engine! With more boost and a bit of tuning that thing would really move. Can't imagine what an intercooler and g-turbo might do! Funny most people don't explore more power with these motors much....maybe because they're so good from the factory?

It feels pretty good. Peppy is the way I would describe it. I'm seeing black smoke on the pulls so there is more boost to be used. I"m sure with a little more tweaking and more break in it would get up and run pretty well. I will for sure up the boost, intercooler is probably further down the line. I have A/C so a front mount will be a challenge.

Going down the intercooler rabbit hole will be interesting.
Dec 16, 2017
Northshore, Auckland NZ
On my 13bt powered Landrover my 0-100kph dropped from 17.5s to 13.5s when I switched to a holset he221 and cranked the fuel up to suit.

Switching from a s*** small fmic with 45mm pipes, to a still modest sized 300x280x76 with 63mm pipes made a very noticeable difference to my egt as well.

I think I should be able to get better than the 13.5s, as I managed the same time on my common rail Mitsi 2.5td triton work ute, which feels quite a bit slower, it's a dog off the line untill you get into high revs. Waiting on some parts then will try again.

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