Oct 25, 2005
omg 2ndgen... i was waiting for a pic to load for a sec. i thought maybe you took a pic for him. then i realized you were being funny...
Aug 5, 2007
New Hampshire
Cold Start Injector

Dont forget about the purpose of the cold start injector. If your idle stays high, this thing may not be turning off. I had the dealer do the timing belt once, and when I picked it up, they had an idle adjustment on the invoice. I ask why and they said it was high, so they adjusted it down. The result was that everytime I stopped at a traffic light, the truck stalled. The idiots had adjusted the idle with the engine cold and the cold start injector was functioning as designed, keeping the idle high until the engine warms up.:whoops: Your effect may be the opposite...the idle is high because the cold start injector isnt turning off. Having to tweek the idle on the throttle body isnt a normal necessity.

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