Idle RPMs out of gear ~1200. In gear: 650. Should I look into this?

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Mar 11, 2012
Portland, Oregon
So I previously posted about my idle being too low. I cleaned out the MAF/Throttle body, reset ECU, and I idle fine now at 600-700 in gear.

When I'm out of gear, it's a bit high @ 1200...

At what point is this cause for concern?

Does this mean that my idle in gear is misleading and too low, since without any resistance it's 1200?

I'm going to check for vacuum leaks this weekend.. oh and install those new HIDs and put on that leatherique... and replace the AHC fluid.. and. and. :bounce:
Mine did this as well after cleaning out the TB, but after a few days of driving, mine went down to around 800 at idle.

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