Identify this nut ?

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Jan 4, 2019
Wilmington, North Carolina
I found this in the crease of the seat in 2018 4Runner yesterday.
It's not a nut I have removed.
Had an alignment done a couple of weeks ago. Would this have been removed for anything associated with that?
Or maybe just fell out of the mechanic's pocket?
That's the only nut used to hold your entire car together!!!
Seriously, here are some thoughts about it:
  • It looks to be a pretty heavy duty nut, which suggests that whatever it's retaining, may be either important, heavy, subject to vibration or all three.
  • Take a quick look under your seats, and then crawl under your dash and see if you can jiggle anything around while looking for any threads without nut.
  • Being on the seat, do you leave your sunroof open and could it have just dropped in? I know thinks sometimes can get kicked up on the road pretty high and hard. It wouldn't be that much of a reach to think that was kick out from the road and dropped in.
  • Are there any scuffs on it like it's been lying in the road or in a repair shop?

Just some thoughts. In the end, it really could be just something from the tech's pocket.

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