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Mar 6, 2005
Mauldin, SC
okay this one stumps me

Top says Sept 1, 1971

Which would be 10/69-9/71

This is a cable operated carb

But the bottom

Is a mechanical linkage carb

3/73-12/74 federal

That being said it also has a fuel return which is throwing me off. Because that was only available after 3/73.

Most likely someone buggered the original carb top and found one off a 71 and put it on and tapped the fuel return is my best guess.

So I'd probably buy a kit for a 3/73-12/74 federal
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Mar 24, 2011
catheys valley
thanks for the info

thanks for the info on the carb. i bought the cruiser with this carb on it. the po was not a mechanic type person, he did nothing mechanical to the car. he ran it like that for several years so im sure it works fine it just needs a rebuild. i was hoping it was the original carb but i guess not. or maybe part of it is. there is paper work on a rochester carb and a delco dizzy from man-a fre from the 1980s so i thought that was installed on it. so i was surprised to find a aisan carb on it. anyway i will order the rebuild kit and give it a go.

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