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Feb 10, 2003
Rogue Valley
I found a guy selling a ARB winch-mount bull bar "in new condition" for $350!!! Should be here by the weekend and I can't wait!

Oh by the way...I'm gonna search on suspension upgrades, but I like the sounds of the OME 2.5"...would that be the way to go?
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May 15, 2003
Lafayette, CO
yes, OME is excellent

WOW! Great find!!! That's awesome.

I'm researching suspension now, too, and the OME Dakar Heavies are in the lead. I have yet to look real hard at Alcans...

If you've got ARB, and plan to get a winch...well, a rear bumper/tire carrier an sliders won't be to far away..;) Look at the Heavies - plan ahead.... my $.02
May 19, 2005
I was talkin to Kurt at cruiser outfitters yeaterday about the med and heavy Dakar kits. I was wondering if it was better to buy the heavies and pull out a leaf until you load up on t the extra running gear, ot start light and add a leaf once you're loaded up. He thought it'd be better to start light and add up as needed. You're just starting with the bumper w/o the winch, and haven't added anything to the rear or dual batteries up front, so maybe thats a good way to go.

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