hugger headers with hugger tubes, anyone?

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I just went with a custom exhaust. I ran 2 1/4 from each block hugger header to a Y pipe where it changed to a single 3". I have a single 40 series Flowmaster muffler between that and the tailpipe.
It sounds VERY nice.
I had a friend of mine bend up the pipe. The tailpipe comes out right behind the left rear wheel. The system follows the same route that some of the after market 2F systems use.

Hey what y-pipe did you clean does it look? &nbsp:Do you have regular block huggers (summit style)? I am VERY interested to learn more about this and to see PICS!!!

I got the Y-pipe and Muffler are from Summit. Y-pipe part number is FLO-Y214300A and the muffler is FLO-943040. The headers are the Summit generic block hugger model
SUM-G9060. It turned out to be a very clean installation.
The right side exhaust pipe goes down the turns and runs in front of the oil pan sump and then turns toward the back, the left side pipe comes down straight down and then makes a 90 degree bend toward the back of the cruiser. The y-pipe is right along side the transmission and transfer case. The muffler is mounted just past the tubular cross member. The last part is the tail pipe and that isn't much of an issue.
The whole thing is above the frame rails and is clamped together. I didn't want it to be welded because it would be easier to change pieces this way.
I found while doing this that a LC 3 Speed bell housing inspection cover fits a cast iron SM420 bell housing. And that the factory "dent" in the cover was just in the right place to allow clearence for the two exhaust pipes. It worked out great.

I'll see if I can't get a few pictures to send along.

Sweet!  If you could get any more pics that would be great!
This sort of shows how the pipes come down from the headers. The ccd camera I used to take these is iffy at best.
This is the Y-pipe. It fits nicely between the frame rail and the tranny and below the rear transfer case mount. Plus it doesn't hang below the frame rail.
Muffler location
Tail pipe.
yeah, but does it give you room for your PTO winch?
Nope, no room at all.

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