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Jun 25, 2007
Far North Queensland
found this today and it has 7 rims with the clips on,like finding rocking horse crap here,question will the hubcaps fit on the rear of my 77?
ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1418954764.189303.jpg
That's too good!

drag it out, scrotch brite it and clear coat - will probably run for another 30 years.
That's a '76, likely with original paint judging by the rust and the stripe. If the rims are welded inside, they'll fit. If they're rivited, they'll fit over any drum brakes, but will not clear front disc calipers.
Split rims so shouldn't be a problems with hub caps. Nice find split rim with hub caps clips. I have test fitted a stock welded wheel on a full floater axle and it cleared the hub. If not available in Australia they are available in the US new. With discount under $90.
Do as dancar says, and mow your hood..Good to go.:beer: A closer pic of the wheels and clips would help.
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that cruiser doesn't look to bad at all, but I did happen to notice the grass coming out of the grill thingy-ma-bob on the bonnet:D
I think you have a two-part question Aussie which requires a two-part answer :D

Pretty sure you'll need welded rims for the front but riveted should be fine on the rear. I actually have one or two welded hubcap ready splitties gathering dust. I think anyway? The rest of mine are riveted.

If you have a FF rear axle then you may need front hubcaps on the rear.
I have HZJ75 disc brake front and rear,the FF does not stick out as far as the 40 series,they are 16 inch rims,didn't think to bring one with me to do a test,stoopid,but I will get it after Xmas,bonnet is good,front bib is good,side aprons are good,hope the wheels fit, I want to machine the centres out and put 8 inch tubeless rims on those centres,I think it may work,hopefully

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