How's it going.. I'm a newbie and this is the new project...

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Apr 24, 2009
This is the new rig. I'm not trying to make her completely stock but close to it. Does anyone suggest using an electric fan? What is suggested for a not so expensive ignition setup?

Heres more of the progress.. Only one coat of paint so far.. 2 more to go..
are there any reports of boost in fuel economy with electric?
Welcome to Mud, nice work so far can't wait to see more.

I don't care much for electric fans. They can leave you with out a cooling fan. At least that's happened to me years ago. Went through a deep water/mud (more water than mud) and she quit working, and I still had to drive homel. It's a hot ride running the heater for 2 hours in August all the way home, but I made it. This was in a mini truck that had a pretty good heater in it.
haha yea that sucks. I'm from Georgia. Heat kicks down there but now I'm in Alaska and heat doesn't seem to be a big issue but gas up here is a lot. I know its not going to be a Prius or anything but any other ideas on fuel economy.
I've never used an aftermarket ignition system. I also don't buy into the claims of vast improved fuel economy.

The stock electric distributor is reliable.

Maintain your 40 well and drive conservatively. A 40 is a 40, and the 2F is what it is. A great reliable motor that doesn't sip gas.
sounds good.. can't wait to get her out on the trails.. also what do you think about seafoam? i was told that stuff works wonders but then again there are many gimics. the engine was rebuilt was about 10k miles ago but it sat for awhile. she starts up fine but figured it may be helpful.
Welcome to MUD!

Depending on the lift and tires, your rig will get 9mpg, 12mpg tops.

are there any reports of boost in fuel economy with electric?

If there was a way to measure the fuel economy between an electric fan and the thermo clutch fan on an FJ 40, I think the machine to measure the difference would exceed the cost of the rig.

Petronix has an electronic ignition system. Mark's Offroad in Burbank has them.
Stick with your clutch fan. It pulls a lot more air, last longer and does not need a functioning charging system to do it's job. I used to think other wise but experience has shown that an electric has no benefits in a water crossing over the 2F clutch fan. You will not see enough gain in economy or performance to measure from using an electric... if any at all.

For ignition, use the '78 or later electronic factory stuff... nothing better on a 2F for the trail... water proof and vented (I have run them under water) reliable and simple. And yes I have run the pertonix and the HEI and the dual point mallories.

Sea foam.... I expect I will get a cadre of true believers jumping in to disagree with me... but there is no miracle motor cure in a can... snake oil is snake oil.

"Sitting for a while" will not hurt your engine or call for any extrordinary attention.

Welcome to MUD ... :flipoff2: Can't wait to see the final pics ... :D
Welcome to mud :flipoff2:

Did you already paint the engine bay, or is that step come after?
Thanks guys... yea I'm painting it back to its original colors. the engine bay is in pretty nice shape so i don't plan on painting it for awhile. She should be on the road by wednesday.. I'll post some photos.
What the heck!! Back on the road by Wednesday....... There goes all my excuses to my friends and family about this kind of thing takes years!!!! :D

Nice job!
First picture - I thought wow thats looking great....Can't wait to see it finished up...
I totally respect anyone that does their own paint.....Looks great!

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