How to swap H55F gearbox on 70 series

Mar 16, 2007
New Zealand
My gearbox finely died on the weekend, it had been pretty tired for the last 10 years but just kept on going but died towing my 40 series up over the rimutaka ranges, I haven't had a look at anything yet but I'm guessing the gearbox has pumped all the oil into the transfercase and the gearbox has run low, I had enough gears left to get over to the comp we were doing and get the truck back over the ranges and home again so managing to get back home was a disaster in itself averted.

I've got a couple of spare gearboxes and know how to pull gearboxes out and have done plenty of cruiser ones but are just mulling over and weighing up the best way to go about it, last time I had the gearbox out of this truck the body was off so it was easy, its got a 50mm body lift so that makes a bit more room but just to make it a bit more difficult its got a twin plate/disc clutch in it so I've got a deeper clutch with 2 sets of splines to get through

I think my three realistic options are 1. to try and borrow my mates hoist and do it on that but its a small workshop without much room to work and I'd have to be in and out on a weekend, his workshop is an hour away, 2. pull the transfercase off and install the gearbox and then bolt the transfer case back on so I'm not dealing with so much weight at one time but thats probably my least preferred way I'd like to keep the replacement gearbox/transfer all in one piece, or 3. the other option is to do it at home and use a hydraulic engine crane through the door to suspend the gearbox through the opening in the tranny hump or unbolt the cab roof (FJ75) and suspend the gearbox off a chainblock from the beam in the garage roof, I've done quite a few FJ40s that way using a chain block off the rollcage to suspend the gearbox but don't know if theres enough room to do it that way on a 70 series, so has anyone got any feedback of what they have found works well or doesn't work I know there's a few aussies on here that know their way in and out of 70 series stuff that may be able to offer good advice
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