How to reset 1992 FJ80 idle

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Apr 30, 2003
:beer: Hello, could anyone tell me how to reset my idle, when i first start it in the morning it's up around 1200 to 1500rpms and after it's warmed up it's at 900 to 950rpm that seems to high. What shouldit be set at? Also on top of the 3fe intake manifold right in front of the EFI emblem there is a large screw head. Anyone know what it's for? Thank you
That is too high. It should be 650 when warmed up. Have you done anything to it? IE: change plugs, wires, adjustments? If you have, it may take a few start ups for the computer to adjust. If you haven't, check all of the above. If that doesn't work, pull the EFI fuse in the box in the engine bay for 30 sec and replace. If you don't have the factory repair manual it is worth getting even essential. Keep chewcking the board and more 3fe drivers will chime in with more info.
welcome, you'll find life and wallet saving info here! :beer: 8)
welcome to the wonderful world of 3fe, as Seminole pointed out you are idling too high. my pig idle to 900 when cold and drops down to 600-650 when warm. here are a couple of things to check.
1. reset the ecm as listed by seminole.
2. check throttle linkage from the cruise control servo. by this I mean make sure someone hasnt "tuned" it and just adjusted the linkage. make usre you are checking the cable form the servo(on the ps fender) and the throttle body not the cable back to the trans.
3. check your air flow in, ie clogged filter blah blah blah

ok that ought to keep you busy for a while! start with the ecm as this is your most likely culprit and move on from there. there is also a possibility that your 02 sensors have s*** the bed and need to go as well but staart with the simple things and move on form there.
Dave :beer:

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