How to remove rear cargo windows?

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Feb 21, 2005
granger, indiana
Trying to remove the rear cargo windows without breaking them. How do you do it? I managed to half mangle the chrome trim piece already, but can't seem to start anywhere to remove the window. Any help?
I just pushed really hard from the inside with my feet when I was parting a rig out, have somebody on the outside to catch it...
If the seal's not nice and soft, I usually cut the seals if I really want to save the glass. If you cut the lip
off the inside, it'll come right out.

If you want to save both, working the inner lip of the seal over the bodywork with plastic tools seems
to be the trick... but it's not trivial.


Go to Wagongears instructional videos of the rear flip windows. In the videos he removes both of them in the video.
If you have the factory windows there is a lock strip in the center of the gasket on the out side, the chrome looking stripey thing. At the bottom center of the window gasket will be short 1"piece the stands a little bit taller than the strip. Slide it to the side with a screw driver carefully. That will give access to the end of the lock strip. Pry it up and a little and squirt it all down with Windex, that will act as a lube and make it easier to remove. Then work it out with some kind of plastic tool if it's stuck.
Hose the the inside of the gasket lip down with Windex and work the gasket over the lip like earlier explained.
When it's time to reinstall I have used the old trick of using a piece of cotton cord, clothesline will work, and I stuff it in the groove that slips over the pinch weld. I like to rest the bottom of the Glason the pinch weld first and work as much of the gasket over the lip by hand as I can. The rope will help get the last little bit of the rubber over the lip without too much trouble.

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