how to find exact bolt pattern of a wheel (school me)

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Aug 15, 2005
Lemoore, CA (south of Fresno) / Cortes Island, B.C
I was cleaning out a rental property and the tenants left some nice tires on 5 bolt wheels. Since they skipped out on rent and the deposit didn't cover the clean-up, the tires and wheels are mine. They are a street tire for a truck (scorpions) and some type of nice wheels. I think ebay might be needed or sel through craigs list. Unfortunatley I don't know what type of car or truck these fit on.

Anyway, I tried to stick the them on a jeep cherokee and the lugs didn't line up. Tried to stick them on my 97 f150 and the lugs almost lined up. Maybe they are a 5 on 5.5.

Anyway, without the wheel info anywhere on the wheels, what is the best solution for figuring out bolt pattern? where do I measure the tape measure from? do I measures from each of the farthest holes to the outside of the hole or is it from the center of the stud hole?

School me!
For a 5-lug, it's measured from one hole to one of the two opposite holes. Technically, it's center-to-center, but edge to edge is easier to measure rather than eye-balling the middle of a hole - just make sure you're measuring on the same side of the hole.

If it's close to 5x5.5, it probably is. The only other popular pattern I can think of that's close is the old Chevy 5x5. Then it goes down to 5x4.75, 5x4.5, etc.
thanks for the info. I'll figure it out tonight and ebay, here I come.
OK. I measured the wheels. 5 bolt so I measured from the center of one lug, skipped one and measured the next. It is either 5 1/8 or 5 3/16 This gives me a bolt pattern o5 5X130 mm.

OR TomH's site (psot 2 or 3) says to take the center to center of every other bolt and I get 4 11/16. The conversion chart converts that to 5". So 5 X 25.4 = 127. So I can only assume I have a 5X127 bolt pattern.

I am concerned that there is also a 5X127.7 bolt pattern. I anyone know if a tire shop would be able to figure it out?
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