How hard would it to be to add side moulding?

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Oct 8, 2003
Z.O.W.I.E. Headquarters
Ok I'd like to start out by saying that yes I know this question is lame and I should be flamed for this... but for some strange reason I really like the side moulding as was available on the non US cruisers or that is on the 40th anniversary edition or collectors edition.

Here are some examples (photos swiped from George Led and Drexx



So does anyone (cruiser dan?) know if I can get these, how much they cost, and if they just stick on with some 3m adhesive tape?

Sorry about the lame non technical question, I promise my next question will be more technical.


(looking for a fzj80)
I wondered about the side moudling too, mine doesn't have it but I have seen a few with it, I think it would look good (especially the ones that have writing) and prevent some door dings in the process.
Someone who rebuilt there Cruiser frame up back in the 90s did that. When we were at a party I asked him about it and he said it was easy to put on... I think it's an adhesive that keeps it on... Just line it up in the area that you want it....
The sheet metal should be identical on a 40th as opposed to the the other runs , no ? If so perhaps you could get some part #'s from your dealer . Once you have that , IM Dan with your order :D . I would think it's just heavy rubber with a 3M underlay .


As a side note . Would trying to approximate the cladding on an LX450 be difficult to attain ? Compare sheetmetal ? Buy as a kit ? Big $$$ !
the side mounding also came on early 1991 fj80's(without fender flares) you can buy the stuff from Toyota or go to an auto paint store and get some generic stuff, cut and fit. It's all 3m adheasive I think.
I definitely want the Toyota side moulding. I'm pretty sure it's plastic, not rubber and it also has writing on it. Generic side moulding would look well generic.

As far as lx450 side cladding goes, I have a feeling it requires holes in the sheet metal.

If you look at the site you can see they have some doors for sale with "w/moulding holes". Now are these holes for the 40th anniversary side moulding or are they for the lx450 side cladding? My guess would be the latter.
Interesting ...

On a sidenote , I was looking thru that list of used parts . Came across some 'new' genuine Toyota Rear turn signals which are selling for $95 . However if you go to the 'New' Toyota merchandise page they are selling them for $99 .. :flipoff2:
Naww , they would only deflect off my pristine :waxjob: or penetrate right thru into my Starbucks puke'ccino :flipoff2:

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