How else do you wash a Pig?


Apr 16, 2007
Cochabamba, Bolivia
So I as out doing paperwork to ensure the continued legality of three small daughters here, and I saw 4 pigs in one morning! Now these, for all you know, could be flying pigs because I hardly ever take a camera out because then I have to a)take it with me everywhere and b)prepare to get robbed.:bang: So I can't prove it :)

So, here is what I found - a mustard yellow ambulance in public service (seen before), another blue ambulance, a blue and white (looked like a full resto w/ a 4" lift), and then a rust/white Pig that was in worse shape than mine. The wife of the owner proudly told me - "we go through rivers with it."

D'oh - how else do you wash a Pig? :grinpimp:

BTW, I just mounted 3 new mirrors, after not having any for about... Ok since I bought a year and a half ago!
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