How do I decode the placard

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BJ74V-MNX, Japan model code.

21M indicates a tu-tone paint. I do not have information in the individual color codes.

FQ11 is the interior trim code.

K085 is the axle code.

A11 is the manufacturing plant. In this case Arakawa Auto Body other wise known as Toyota Auto Body.
From ones I have seen the FQ11 is should be an LX model from the factory. Many of the Land Cruisers I have seen with this trim code have had deluxe options although this appears to vary somewhat from country to country. Examples might be suspensions seats, power chrome mirrors, chrome steps, FRP Tops, Factory Toyota snorkels or Factory Toyota winches.

From what I have seen K085 as a rear axle code should be full floater with factory limited slip, also usually seen in combination withe the LX trim code.
The MNX is a JDM LX manual trans. Mine is the same model number.

"Characteristics LX JPN HT 13BT MTM"

A PNX would be an automatic transmission.
I see 3 axle codes listed all are 4.11.

K082= open diff, semi float (I believe).
K084= with difflock, full float. (definitely).
K085= LSD, full float (I believe).
Curiously, do you see confirmation of what axle code KO52 is?
Thanks, it is full float. Black with all the options, very nice. I wasn't sure about the
rear gearing, but I'm suspecting they were 3.7:1.
This one is smashed up. I'm just replacing LH front fender today, windshield frame and doors.
This thing has all the power options. So I'll be parting out the door innards. Elec windows, elec
mirrors, elec door locks. I'm keeping the one good elec mirror RH side. LH side demolished!
I have new old doors that are all manual, but I'm going to try a wire the electric mirrors.
It's a 4.11 (built that way anyway).

The black paint code is 202.

Mine has power mirrors only. Crank windows and manual locks.

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