Hood and windshield hinges

Apr 1, 2018
Eau Claire, MI
Working on a 67' fj40 and I am wondering how one takes the hood off and windshield off successfully without causing any damage. I took the hood off by banging the pins out but it seemed a little difficult. Would it be easier to just unscrew the hinges from the vehicle itself? Just trying to get the windshield off without causing too much damage. Thanks...
Aug 26, 2017
I’m doing a frame off on my 1966, 40. I would suggest removing the screws. It may take a few days spraying them with some type rust desolvant ...wd40 or the like. Take your time, after all theses years the usually don’t want to come out with out a fight. Use a proper size screwdriver (#3). Impact driver helps too


Nov 6, 2013
Be very careful on the windshield hinge screws. If you are going to re-paint your parts, heat the piss out of the screws. If preserving paint is your goal, I’d get the tool rusty posted above or the vessel impact driver @Weber Sarge recommends.

My winshield pins were a bee-aah-ch
I'll follow up the great bsevans.

I did battle today with windshield hinge pins off my 71 40 today. Here's basically what worked for me. I heated the hinges to 1000+ degrees with map gas which melted the plastic bushings. I then sliced the pins where the 2 bushings once were. Used a Dremel EZ lock metal cutting disc to cut the pins. The discs are thin enough to cut just the pin and not eat up the hinge. This allowed the two hinge halves to seperate, the long section of pin in the center just fell out thank goodness. Next I drilled a pocket in the remaining 2 short pin sections and used a bolt to press the pin sections out. Squeezed my vise as tight as possible with a cheater and actually had to wail on my vise with a BFH for the pins to budge. Used a big nut or two on the opposite side to keep the pin away from the vise.
Photo of pressing pin segments out

Nuts as a backer

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