Hj61 POWER window replacement. I need a power window guru.

Jul 6, 2022
new zealand
Ok I'm at a loss. There are many many window and regulator replacement threads on here, but they're all for crank windows. I can find nothing for 60 series power windows. I can't even find a part number for the power regulator for a 60 series.

I have power windows and they're all in need of replacement regulators and at least one motor (front right) due to skipping teeth, but maybe just the reg is shot and not the motor. I wanted to line up parts before I tear apart the door with no replacements available.

I even tried getting a toyota manual crank regulator(I don't have part number top of my head, but it's the real toyota regulator) in hopes that I could remove the hand crank and fit the motor, but that will not work, at least not without skills and tools that I do not possess (the crank is riveted in, not bolted in like the motor).

Is this an aftermarket thing in my truck or is it just fairly rare to have power windows in a 60? I don't see any Dorman or other aftermarket stuff for the 60 series. Some specialty cruiser sites have parts and Motors, but they're upwards of 300 each. That's too much for me.

Plenty are available for the 80 series though. Can 80 series power window regulator and motor combos fit into the 60?

I pulled the power window from the pass door because the PO swapped the door for a crank door but gave me the original door also, so I have seen the power set and it looks very similar to the 80 set. I do not have access to the measurements though, so they may differ.

kevin in okinawa

Apr 18, 2008
Waldorf, MD
google "partsouq" select: toyota/land cruiser/land cruiser/click in "frame" box/hj61 (or whatever your model is)/then click on filter and you will be able to search for your part(s) and associated toyota part numbers. I do know that manual windows have different regulators and you'll need different door cards too (or make some). good luck Kiwi! :)

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