HJ61 Axles

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Oct 15, 2010
Northern Ontario
I have an '88HJ61 with full floating axles and no cable lockers. Are these the same axles as the rest of the 60 series? I'll be doing axle work (axles bearing/seals, knuckle rebuild and diff rebuild kits) pretty soon and I want to know if the kits I get for the 60 series will also work on my imported 61.
Thanks in advance.
The kit for a FF is different as the bearings are not the same. The front should be the same for both.

The 61 axels will likely be the 3.7 ratio and the gassers were 4.1 for the differential.

Very likely a LSD in the rear as opposed to open in the gassers.

Axel shafts are incompatible in the rear.

FF wheel bearings are the same as the front.

Any decent cruiser supplier will send you the right kit.

That's all I know.
much appreciated, thanks
Front axle same as all the other 60's with possible exception of ratios but it doesn't sound like you are changing them just seals and maybe bearings.

Specter sells all the full float parts including seals. 4wheelauto.com in Edmonton probably has them up your way as well.

And as already mentioned the wheel bearings for the hubs are the same as the front axle. Hub studs, nuts and cone washers are the same as well. Uses the same outer gasket and hub wheel seals as the front too. Inner axle seal is different.

I recently rebuilt my front FF and rear semi-float. Wasnt exactly cheap. Cheapest way was I sourced my all my (TIMKIN) bearings from my local bearing supplier. Ordered my front axle seal/overhaul kit from John @ RADD CRUISERS in BC W/the HD inner axle seals from Marlin Crawler.

I ended up deciding on powdercoating my axles. At that point I just went the extra mile and had my 3rds rebuilt using (KOYO) rebuild kits from Dan @ Cruiser Outfitters. Even though I had to pay customs fees.....no one in canada could touch his price.....2 for 1!


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