HJ47 Alternator wiring question

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Apr 17, 2010
West Coast of USA
I've got a 1984 HJ47, 2H. Recently acquired and I've been going through all sorts of trouble from the wiring from the PO.

So driving home this evening the lights started getting dimmer and dimmer until I'm cruisin' down the freeway in the dark. I got a friend with a battery to come help... and during my wait I checked out the alternator. There is a large white wire with a blue stripe coming from the top of the alternator which I traced into the cab. This wire was reading voltage that varied with the RPMs... but the wire was cut and covered with heat-shrink tubing on it end. So that's why it's not charging. What the frank.

My question is... can I just hook that wire from the alternator straight to the positive terminal of the battery? Perhaps adding in a fusible link of what amp fuse? Reading other posts I hear talk of voltage regulators (internal/external) but I don't know which I have and if that concerns me here.

Thanks for any help on this one.

I spliced in a wire from the white and blue and connected it to the positive through a 20amp fuse. Alternator is working... I'm thinking it really was this easy. If this didn't fix it... I'll be back with more questions. I'm starting to realize why the PO sold this. A evil blind idiot with an electrical kit spent some good quality time in this vehicle.
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It should be externally regulated on the firewall behind the air cleaner. (If its RHD) I just redid my system and rebuilt the alt, r/r regulator.

My local starter/alternator shop helped me out with the regulator and rebuild for parts, also diagnosis, my old regulator was intermittenly working....

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