Hints on tracking down noise

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Mar 11, 2006
I have an annoying noise in my 96. I am pretty sure it is either in the PSF door or the rocker panel. Sounds like a bolt of something rolling around. Before I tear the door apart, any hints on how to narrow down the location?
Check the heatshield around your cats underneath the PS floorboard.
I had the same complaint and after the dust had settled I had found 4 seperate rattles that combined, sounded like my brakes or bearings were grinding the last few feet when coming to a stop or accelerating. It was LOUD and SUPER annoying! :mad:

1,2 and 3 were inside the PS quarter panel.

1 - Two fasteners (nuts) that hold the flares on had come loose and the bolts were vibrating in their holes.

2 - The plastic cold air intake within the hollow between the quarter panel and the wheel well was loose and rubbing and vibrating against the metal.

3 - The cold air intake is actually two seperate plastic pieces. The one closest to the front end fit very loosly inside the one closest to the fire wall and was vibrating.

4 - My PS MetalTech slider was touching a CAT sheild. Not the heat sheild attached to the CAT, but a thin painted piece of metal that appears to be designed to sheild your eyes from looking at the ugly CATs from the side.

I tightened the loose nuts and used some locktight to keep them on, tightend the cold air intake plastic pieces brackets and wrapped platics in a thin 1/4" piece of flat foam (the sort you line your tool chest with) secured with gorilla tape. I also shaved off about a 1/4" off the piece of the slider contacting the sheild.

The result....beautiful silence!!! :flipoff2:

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