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Austin Hot Shoe

May 9, 2016
Austin, TX; Durango, CO
Great time of the year to be here. Aspens will be changing over to yellow but not quite peak colors when you arrive. By the time you leave the area, Silverton should be peaking. Silverton to Ironton seem to peak a little earlier than Ridgway, Telluride and MV. We spend a lot of time in that area during that time of year. Best trails for mild wheeling but incredible views for those 10 days..

Owl Creek Pass
Last Dollar Road
West Dallas Creek (Ralph Lauren Ranch)
Stony Pass

All mild routes with incredible views and scenery. Bring a camera.


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Ill play espn fantasy football with you, just finished our leagues 34th annual draft...same group of guys since we graduated, this is the one time we gather each year, so much fun. We all met in Austin last weekend.
Mar 6, 2019
Central PA
Well, better late than never I suppose!

I’ve uploaded some pictures, ya’ll can check them out here - feel free to give a heads up to anyone in the pics: HIH9 - cmorrowphoto
(@aging fleet - a couple pics of your fam in there) - fyi: photos should be downloadable fine, but my sharing links aren't showing publicly - I think it is a nested permissions issue w/ my Smugmug but haven't sorted it yet.

I had a great time at HIH this year, and it was really cool to reconnect with folks I’d met last year as well as meet some new peeps.

I took way less pictures this year, it’s almost like having your whole family along makes things crazier!? Haha, who would have guessed. 

My family of 5, which consisted of my saintly wife, a 4 year old, 2 year old, and 10 month old set out from PA on July 16th. We camped in West Virginia, then Kentucky, but when we stopped at our campsite in Missouri the 90%+ humidity and already long day had us abandon tent plans and drive another 2 hours for a hotel. We spent the weekend in Oklahoma with some family and then finally landed in Colorado the following week.

We met up with our fellow PA friends @westwardCruiser to spend a night in Ironton before rolling into Silverton on Wednesday.

We’d both made fast friends last year with @collk22 and his family so naturally we all wanted to circle the wagons together this year, which worked out really well and I think our kids got along pretty great.

On our first day of trails, we attempted Imogene but a boulder near pride rock shut us all down. It was still a beautiful drive, and my son had a good time hanging in the cruiser. It felt all warm and chummy with PA boys since @westwardCruiser and I were on the run with @fireball as well.

On Friday, we did Yankee Boy and Governor’s Basin with Tim @nakman and Mike from BIO. Over lunch those guys gave us some good info and instruction on various recovery techniques, even pulling out some RC trucks to illustrate their points.

Saturday was our California to Corkscrew run, man are those nearly 13k views incredible! Unfortunately when we made it to California Pass Sam @ENGINE er had a brake pad failure. Apparently I was the only goober who had been on the trail before so I became the unofficial trail leader for the rest of the day. We continued down to Animas Forks, then checked out the avalanche and debris below which was quite the sight to see. We caught a pretty cool storm on the way back between California and Hurricane pass and decided to skip Corkscrew on our way out.

We stayed in Silverton on Sunday to check out some of the town and indulge in another funnel cake.

We rolled out on Monday - @westwardCruiser and I found some dispersed camping in southern CO at Sanchez Reservoir for the evening. It was a pretty neat desert-ish location that felt pretty remote. The next day we parted ways and we spent the next 3 days getting gas and potty breaks every 2 hours and burning our way home.

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Jul 5, 2017
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