Help with an engine swap

Apr 20, 2003
NE PA coal region
Looking for a shop or someone who is willing to do an engine install in a 93 4Runner. The truck is nice, a pretty much rust-free 93 with a blown V6 engine. I have a replacement engine I am pulling from a rusty 95, it had the head gaskets done recently and runs quite well, the truck wouldn't pass state inspection anymore because of the rust. Anyway the replacement engine was pulled complete from fan and intact front end to the flex plate; the wiring harness was disconnected inside the truck so I wouldn't have to disassemble anything on the engine. Yes all of the wiring is intact. I'll have a set of new hoses and a new radiator to go along with the job. I'm getting a bit old to install the engine and looking for someone willing to do the job for me. Feel free to reach me
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