Help: Turn signal wiring identification

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Jul 16, 2021
Hey all, I’m trying to wire up my Ironman 4x4 Classic Off Road bumper lights to connect into my factory corner lights/turn signals.

Can you help me ID what each of these wires are? This plugs into the bulb socket for my OEM corner lens.

Colors are:
Green with yellow stripe
Black with white stripe (Ground?)
Green with silver dots

This is the wire color convention for lighting:

Green: Parking/tail lights
Green w/white stripe: Rear stop lights
Green w/black stripe: Left turn signal
Green w/yellow stripe: Right turn signal
Red w/black stripe: Rear back up lights
White w/black stripe: Chassis ground
Super helpful! Thank you. So in the image I shared above, left wire is the right turn signal, center is ground, and the one on the right is the parking light. Awesome. This is what I needed.

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