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May 11, 2008
South Africa
Hey guys n gals...great site and a sunny hello from South Africa.
I've got serious 'jeepenstein' that i need some help with. I've pretty much identified most of the drivetrain except for the gearbox and transfer case. The previous owner is convinced it's from a Prado (80 series), but i'll try describe what can't be seen in the photos. It's 5pd fwd shift (gear shift and Hi/lo are on gearbox) and the t-case has the port for a shifter on top but it has a plate cover. I'm convinced it's a r151 box purely from pictures i've seen but it could be an r150, i just don't know. At the top of the box (by shifter base) there is rubber tubing that goes to the base of hi/low shifter and another that goes down to a nipple on the 'actuator' on the t-case. I'm not sure if it's purely venting but there are no other tubes going anywhere else so i'd have to think it is. At this stage it's running 2wd probably because all the wiring going from the transmissin area to the engine bay ends off with 2 plugs both of which are blanked off. There are 2 wires coming from the transmission going to some relay in the dash that i can hear click when i engage 'lo', but thats it. I'm hoping it's a part time 4wd t-case that once i figure out how to wire it up the 4wd will engage but i don't know where to start and don't want to risk damaging anything by applying power to the actuator (i would't even know which pins to give juice). So i guess i'm hoping one of you will recognise the setup and maybe identify exactly what i have. I'm scared it's a permanent 4wd with cdl, in which case there's something seriously wrong in the t-case, but lets see what you doods and doodettes rekon?
Much appreciated




You are presenting a couple of strange arguments here. First off, the Prado and 80 series are not the same. As far as I know they dont share the same drivetrain either. Your tranny and tcase look very much like a 70 series setup. Perhaps they might know?


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