Help please! Front Wiper Motor problems

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May 3, 2009
Greetings! I'm a newbie in need of some help. I have a 2000 Lexus LX 470 and the other day my alternator went south on me. The thing grounded out and my output at the battery was 18v - 19.5 v. I found out it toasted all my turn signal bulbs is what what I noticed at first upon replacing the alternator.

After getting the new alternator in and getting the LX 470 running again my front wipers ran all the time. I turned the stalk in the OFF position but that didn't help nor did variable speed work either. The rear wiper, and the front and rear washers work which leads me to believe the stalk is ok.

I since disconneted the wiper motor and removed it from the vehicle. Is there anyway the motor could have been ground or could something have fried in it to prevent it from turning off? Can I check the motor itself to see if it is in fact the motor?

I'm at a loss here and I'd hate to buy a replacement and find out that isn't my problem. And upon my post alternator inspection everything electrical works fine except the front wiper motor.

I welcome any and all input. This thing is driving me crazy and I'd like to fix it before the rain starts. That leaves me with 1-2 days if the weather guy is right?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
Could be the wiper control relay got fried.
I checked all the fuses and they are good.

Where is the wiper control relay?

BTW... thanks for the input!
Looking at the FSM Vol 1 BE-45 there is no relay mentioned just the switch and the motor. There are detailed continuity and performance tests for each if you are able to do electrical tests.

The wiper fuse is in the driver's side kick panel.

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