Help needed Power Steering Box 40 series

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Jun 22, 2013
Hi All
I have just noticed a clunk in the Power Steering Box (1982 FJ40 ) after a complete rebuild of the box.
My question is How many Ball Bearings need to be fitted to the ball and screw ? And are these bearings a Toyota consumable part?
If so any idea of a part number.
From memory I fitted 42 balls. This is from memory only as I did not take note on reassembly.
To date the motor has not been started and as such the power steering system has NOT been bleed.
As always I appreciate and thank all for there help in this matter.

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There are 44 of them.

part #90360-06021

Still available--84cents ea or $1.15 retail
Hi Red Rock
Thank you very much.

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Hi all
Redrock is correct.
I have ordered a set of 44 balls through My local Toyota dealer .
At $1.88 a ball here in the land down under not cheap and available ex Japan.
Thank you again Redrock.

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