Help Installing Rocker Arm on 2F (79 FJ40)

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Feb 28, 2003
Clearwater, FL
Hi - I am trying to help a friend to reinstall head. The head was slightly warped and the machine shop shaved it a bit and also replaced 2 valves. I really didn't have any issues with installing a head. My question is. Is there is anything special I have to do to reinstall rocker arm. I couldn't find any special procedure in Hayens Manual.

1. Do i have to turn the engine the certain way or?
2. I tried to tourqe 8mm bolts gradually (5 - 10 - 15 ft/lbs) and when I did 15, i felt like i was doing more then 15?????????? The same things with 10 mm bolts??

Am I missing something or ?????

Any help, suggestions, would be very much appreciated.

I would refer to the "FSM" over a"Haynes" manual for and specs and procedures or any repair for that matter.

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