Help Identify these wheels

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Sep 24, 2007
Hello All,

I know this isnt really a tech question but I was wondering if you all could assist me in finding out where these wheels come from or who makes them. I originally posted over in the 60s section so I will include the original post. ANY help will be greatly appreciated and maybe someone here has seen them before as they are on a 70 series! Thank you for your time!!

click on the link at the bottom...its not my sig but the original post:D
Yes thanks for the post. I have tried contacting him as that is his truck. Thank you so much for posting!

I bought a couple of trucks that had those - both JDM BJ74's, no idea who makes them but I'll ask my buyer.
Hi they are made by Volks, they have simmilar markings as the stock toyota mag wheels. They arent that great . The spokes arent solid on the back.

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