Help first time wrencher remove Alt REAL TIME

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Dec 13, 2007
Ok I decided to try and remove and install my alternator myself. Or at least try. Today's mission....get the old one out. Manual says what to do but have been told it is easier to remove smog pump prior.

Note, I have never done something like this before. Changed fluids, tires and a few spark plugs.....thats it

My first question.....After I revove a few radiator hoses, how do I lossen the fan belts. Does it need a speacial tool? Or is it an allen wrecnh in the middle or the pulley? HELP!!!! OH YEAH 3FE
Ok found out how to lossen belts. But right noow im stuck on trying to get offwhat i think are the vaccum hoses. The are very tight and brittle and i cant pull them lose from the fitting. any ideas?
There are two bolts holding the alternator in place. IIRC, the bottom bolt is the adjusting bolt and the top one is the pivot. Loosen the bottom one and pivot the alternator towards the engine, thus loosening the drive belt enough to remove it. From there you can remove both of the bolts, the electrical connections, and finally the entire alternator.

GOOD LUCK!:steer:
Sorry, you posted before I got the previous post up. Those are not vacuum connections! They are the electrical connections. I believe one is a clip-type electrical connection, which will require you to push on a certain point to release it, and the other is a bolted post-type connection.
The hoses from the smog pump were near impossible for me to pull off. Don't give up! Loosen the clamps, twist back and forth and keep pulling. I am sure others can give better advice, but I just went for broke trying to pull them off. The hoses and I escaped unscathed. Sorry I couldn't help anymore.
STEP 1: Disconnect the battery!
Lets make sure you're doing this right.

-You disconnected the battery...right?
-Figured out how to get the belts off (that's good, 'cause I totally forgot about that)

Now you're tackling the smog pump. There is one BIG hose that goes into it, this is really all you need to remove.

Get the clamp off the hose first. This requires a pair of pliers or channel-locks.
The hose has more than likely been on there since 1992, so it will take some patience and elbow grease to get it off.

You're doing good! :cheers:

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