? Help ~ evaporative emissions canister or PS pump noise when 80 is off (1 Viewer)

Nov 24, 2004
Sheridan, Wy
So my truck sat for a month in the garage while on a trip. When I tried to start it, it was dead as can be. So, last night I jumped it, drove it around, and then parked it back in the garage. This morning I popped the hood to check the Oil and all of a sudden it starts clicking...or making some sort of a rhythmic pumping noise...No key in the ignition. When I got in the car and turned the key to the right the noise stops, but comes back on when I move the key back to the off position. Also the noise stops when I press the brake pedal and returns when I release the pedal. I disconnected the battery cable. Any ideas what's going on? Thanks:)

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