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Nov 7, 2002
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My 74 has a ford 302 in it (PO installed). The exhaust coming off the heads is nut to butt with the starter. When it's hot I have a hard time turning the engine over. The starter seems really weak. I figure if I put some kind of heat shield on either the starter or the exhaust pipe this should solve this?? The starter is pretty new and it's always strong unless the engine is really hot. It's been picky like this for the 7 years I have owned this rig.

Don't know anything about heat shield material. Is there some that is better then others? Is this something I could just pick up at Napa? Will this solve my hot starting problem?

Thanks guys


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Jan 31, 2003
"the whale's vagina", CA
I know summit sells a blanket that can be put over the starter, kind of a dinky, temporary fix though. I am having the same problem with my cats and the dside floorboards. I am planning on having an exhaust shop hopefully fab something up, like a bent piece of aluminum or ? to go around the cats to deflect the heat from the floorboards. Hopefully i can find a shop competent enough to do this. maybe getting your headers/manifolds ceramically coated may help too, just put mine on yesterday so I can't attest to whether it helps with heat or not, good luck,


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