Headers vs Stock Manifold

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Aug 26, 2014
Hanover VA
All my gaskets need to be replaced as well as the rear section of the exhaust system. So since I'm going to have it all apart I thought this would be a good time to look in to headers. I'm not looking for any kind of performance upgrade, I'm just looking to make my F1 run the best it can.
The other question I have is are F1 and F2 header the same? I'm going to be swapping out my F1 for a late model F2 in the next year so I don't really want to spend the money on headers if they won't work with the new motor.
Thanks Josh
Headers do improve milage at highway speeds, engine breaths easier. Some on mud will bad mouth Headers, they probably had poo poo Headers and/or weak install. Biggest complaint is exhaust leakage, but remedy is to install exactly as I have recommended for years, and explained a few times here on Mud. There will also be guys here on Mud that will tell you they have had excellent service from Downey Headers for many many years (now available from Marks Off Road).
They will definitely reduce the under hood temps also-my vapor-lock issues have disappeared since I installed them--the cooling fan doesn't run anymore
Thanks Downey for the quick response, I've read all your threads on how to install headers. Does anyone know if F1 and F2 header are interchangeable?
Thanks Josh
1969-87 Headers all the same, but you do need a transmission floor shift if you don't already have one.
I have used the downey header since the late 80's. There is no loss of low end torque with them.

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