headers and brakeline?

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Dec 2, 2002
Helena MT
Two questions, looking at headers on my 2F in a '65, still has the EGR valve but no other smog stuff. Should I yank the EGR and go without? Who has the best bang for the buck?
I need to replace the hard line from master cylender to frame. Spent 1 1/2 hours trying to find one in this town, nothing even close. The rig is a '65 FJ45lwb. Anybody know where I can find one? Replacing it due to a PO cobb job.
Keep the egr valve. Get the proper tools and replace lines that are fubared.
Try hitting up Classic Tube (www.classictube.com or 800-882-3711). They claim to be able to create "any line -- domestic or imported -- car or truck".

Let us know if/how that works out. I've put them in my mental Rolodex for a possible source for lines when I get to the point where I can seriously start tearing down my '78 FJ40.
When I did the axle convertion on my '71 fj40 I bought a $2 bender at a el cheapo tool sale and spent $25 on a double flair tool.
With tools in hand I bent a coil and routed by brake lines as required. looks like a factory job for a GM.
The coil is used to take up any twisting between the body and frame without stressing or fracturing the lines.

When I was done all fittings, SS braided flex hoses included with tools and adjustible proportioning valve. I had approx. $175 for the entire truck. If you can borrow the flair tool you get off cheaper.

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