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Apr 3, 2005
Kyunggi, South Korea
chitown40 said:
I used a valve regrind gasket set from SOR.com


Everything fit well, and although not OEM, looked to be about the same quality. 4K after the head gasket replaced and no problems and no re-torque needed. Had everything I needed to reseat the carb, replace the manifolds, and the valve seals, etc.

About $65 if I recall.
After I saw the price of OEM gasket kits followed your link, I was very suprised.
They are almost double price than list price which I know !
I asked the price of valve regriend gasket kit and overhaul gasket for my carburated 3F motor and they informed me about $137 and $182.
But it's $215.81 and $369.99 from SOR's home page :confused:
I asked to Lexus dealer in Korea and they only offers list price without discount.
Wow.... I can't belive....
I've remember that SOR offer products with good price,quality with good customer service always but I can't understand this price....

Oh, Min Seok


The Cruiser Whisperer
Sep 26, 2003
Lancaster, Ohio, USA
The Toyota head gasket is noticeably better than any aftermarket gasket I have seen. I keep hoping thatI will find the OE head gasket in a Victor or fel-pro box someday, but so far no joy.

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