Has anyone used a shrinking disc on body panels?

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Sep 4, 2020
Brunei Darussalam
I'm getting my panelwork ready for paint stripping and paint prep, with almost all metalwork complete. However, my front wings (fenders) have quite some dents which I would like to get out as much as possible, to minimise the amount of filler which goes in.

I've watched some videos online and it seems a shrinking disc can be used with good effect. I don't have a 9" grinder and most of the panels would be too large, but I see 5" versions available 'for smaller spaces'. Has anyone got decent results with a 5" disc?

As well as the dented front wings, I have long dents along the bottoms of the doors where the skin has been pushed in by soft, dragging contact along some blunt object (almost no scraping or scoring). Can a shrinking disc help this kind of dent, where it is hard to get contact onto the back of the door skin?

I would appreciate your experienced opinion on this, whether it's worth shipping over a disc, or whether I should stay with a hammer and dolly.

Oct 9, 2015
Fenders and doors are parts that you have good acces from inside to push dents out. That ofcourse depends on the sizes of dents if shrinking is needed to get them straight and how much the dents are stretched the metal.

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