Has anyone tried this valve cover gasket kit?

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When in doubt, use OEM :)
The one thing I have learned about aftermarket valve cover gaskets for Toyota's is they tend to fall out of the groove during installation. It's not so bad when you catch it before you bolt it down but if you don't the mess is terrible.

The longer the valve cover the more trouble these aftermarket gaskets are.
I have never had a Toyota valve cover gasket fall out of the groove during installation the fit is perfect and the longevity of OEM can't be beat.

I would pass on Joe's gaskets...
If you are going to do the VCG and grommets then I would also do:idea:
spark plugs
throttle body clean and new gasket
PCV, gasket and hose
Is it time for spark plug wires?

Only OEM and call cDan
I just replaced mine along with the brittle spark plug tube seals (that cracked when I removed the valve cover) and the pcv and grommet which broke into a half dozen pieces. if you call Dan he will set you up with all the parts you will need (besides the valve cover gasket). I also changed the squeaky belts and the leaky o-rings for the distributor and speedo gear.

If you are in a hurry, go aftermarket. If you have time and have to wait for parts anyway, i'd stick with OEM. That way you always know it fits.
You get what you paid for - go with toyota parts!:cheers:

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