Hard Start

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Jun 13, 2003
Omaha Nebraska
Good Morning Guys!

Jumped in my wife's baby last night, went to start it and wow :eek:. VERY HARD START followed by a knocking sound that made me about soil my pants. It knocked for about 2 secs then stopped. Gauges were all fine, oil pressure was fine, nothing....Didn't do it the rest of the night. I also did a cold start this am, fine, no knock. Now I know until the oil gets moving around it will have a small valve click (short, less than 1 sec) but this was completely different. Just checked the oil recently and again last night. Fine. Anyone have any thoughts? I had a bad flashback of throwing a bearing from about 10 years ago.

As always, thanks guys.

Take care, Mark

Oh and vehicle info update, now at 76,000 miles.
Back before I started using synthetic Mobil1, this used to happen once in a great while. I chalked it up to a coincidental shutdown with some hot spots that caused the oil to drain out of a bearing or two, combined with a coincidental higher revving start caused by a throttle sticking. So, I wouldn't worry about it, but it may be the car telling you to stop putting crap oil in it, or to clean out its throttle body/valve.

Wouldn't be too concerned about the "startup rattle", but you might do a search here if you want to correct it.

Thanks Doug-

No crap oil here....I've always ran Mobil 1, actually switching to 0-40 this weekend. Good points though, thanks again.



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