hard start issue.......

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Apr 29, 2012
Bend, OR
in the last few days, i have been experiencing some hard start issues. now here (to me at least) is the weird part, it only happens when the engine is warm. when i come out first thing in the morning, or after it has been sitting for a few hours, i pumps the gas three time, give it half choke and it starts up like it is fuel injected. that easy, that strong. but as soon as i shut her down and try to restart, she hesitates. she eventually starts and runs just fine, but it used to be all i did was get in and pump gas twice and she fired right up. now i have to massage her to get going.

where should i be looking? fuel filter, carb need adjusting, etc. as i have said before, i am no mechanic, i am learning as i go.

stock 2f, rebuilt aisan carb by jim two years ago if any of that helps.

Try a little choke on warm starts...sounds weird, but it worked for me when I had that problem.
Did you ever solve the problem? I've had the same problem with mine since day 1.
Mine hasn't gone too long without a tuneup. The first (cold) start is typically awesome, she fires up and purrs very nicely. However when I turn off the warm engine, I'll need to bump start it..... Tried some unusual starting practices, gas to the floor, choke, no gas, pump it a couple times, and so far no pattern has been found to help.
Thinking it's a fan/cooling issue....maybe a 4 blade fan?

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