Hard "clunk" when shifting into reverse and drive. 1989 FJ62. Doesn't happen all the time.

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Chock wheels, shift vehicle into neutral, rotate rear driveshaft back and forth. See if the rear axle has a lot of play. Another possibility (and really probably most likely) is worn splines on your transfercase gear/output shaft.

Edit: I forgot, there is also the slip-joint on the driveshaft. There is a grease fitting on it. Try greasing that first.
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Have you been keeping up with lubrication? My 60 has a thunk when starting from a stop, louder on passenger side, so I am thinking drive shaft. Been reading about greasing the slip yokes in the drive shafts.

Seems it is an issue on many rigs that was remedied with greaing.

I hope that helps.
My 62 has a very hard clunk when I put it in reverse, it’s shifts into gear hard enough that the whole vehicle will lurch backwards sometimes. Doesn’t do it in drive. The transfer case and transmission were rebuilt very recently and it hasn’t made it go away.

Good luck!
Have you checked the trans fluid level?

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