Half-a-crank warm starting secrets?

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Nov 2, 2021
Goldendale, WA, USA

Are there any methods or tricks to get a 2H to fire off immediately when warm? I'm talking about the starts where you barely bump the key and she's purring. Those half-crank starts are really impressive! I've experienced a few of them with my rig, but not very often. Lately it has been hot starting with two or three barks(?) from the starter, which seems quite normal for every other car I've driven. If possible I'd like to know how to make really quick starts happen more often.

I replaced the glow plugs in my 24 volt '86 HJ60 with NGK Y-197Rs and this morning had the first cold start with all six cylinders coming alive immediately since I bought it a few months ago. The old glow plugs still got it started every time, but one of them tested bad on the multimeter and all of them were very old. Since installing the new glow plugs after a dozen or so hot starts I haven't gotten an urgent one. I know that diesels don't need any glow to start when they're warm, but it worth mentioning.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

Do you have a gear reduction starter?

PN 28100-60070-84 if you are looking for one.

Just search this forum for gear reduction starter.
Full throttle.. you want the butterfly wide open when you're cranking.
This is a mechanical diesel, so if the fuel is there at the injector when you crank, and you have compression, and a warm engine, it should fire right away.

If you are experiencing longer cranks when warm, I'd check your fuel system for air leaks, including the filter housing/primer pump area. If the system allows air in, the fuel will be displaced and when you crank to start, and it will take a few extra turns to get the air pushed through.

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