Had my 40 on a scale!

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Jan 12, 2007
:p Took my 40 to a truck scale today and she needs to go on a diet! With hard top on and nothing in the truck other then seats and a spare, she weighed in at 4,210 lbs. I'm curious to know what others officially weigh in at other then what the sticker/books say they weigh.
I still need to add some rock sliders and a rear spare tire/ cooler gate in the rear. Pack in all the gear and tools and it would be interesting to know what she'll weigh in at.
Besides the stuff listed in your sig, is she a stock '75?

How much you think she would weigh with out the "air lockers Heim High Steer Hanson bumper 1200lb winch 4" lift 33" BFG's"
I just had my 40 on a scale a few weeks ago and what a surprise. The slip came in at: 4560# with no hard top. The 40 does have 33” tires, winch, push bar bumper, air lockers, roll bar, etc. It also had half a tank of gas.

The other surprising bit was the weight of my FJ-60, it came in at: 4800 pounds. I expected it to weigh much more; it came in only 300 pounds more than the 40. Go figure.
My feeling is that it goes on a little at a time and I forget what makes it heavier. time I had it on a scale it had the soft top on and it came in at about 3600. Since then I have added a 1/4" wall tube bumper, 8274, heavy custom skidplate, Orion and a full MT cage. Guessing it is way over 4,000 and getting heavier all the time.
It all adds up.:doh:

She's pretty much stock other then what you picked up there. Stock 2F,4 speed, stock transfer case (thanks by the way Wasabi for a great job) I don't have a roll bar in it, I removed it to replace it with a full cage. I also don't know how accurate the scale was but I imagine it had to be somewhat close.
my 45 still looks like a basically stock 45. Kind of. After my expedition last October, I emptied out the camping gear and scaled it. 5300#:eek::eek:

That's just obese when you consider I've got an F135 to move it around. A 2F would be like steroids!:lol::lol:
my 40 on one tons and 40's... just under 4200 lbs
4280lbs. before the winch, skid plate (1/4"full width), 35x14.5r15's, trail spares tools and tackle, 10 gal ext. fuel, with the hard top jump seats and 5ea. 35x12.5r15's

1973, FJ40, SBC, sm465, ARB & Detroit lockers, integrated sliders

Likely to go up a bit after a few more mods.
Mine weighs 4100 lb. with soft top and soft doors. Pretty stock truck other than that.
My FJ40 with Soft top and bunch of other stuff:
Empty Weight- 4,620#-
Loaded Weight- 5,200#
Needless to say it has custom Alcan SPrings. Probably weighs more with the Fj60 Full Floater Axle it now sports.
My 3RZ powered weighed 3300lbs with soft top, hard doors. I do have a aluminum cowl/tub and soon to add high clearance fiberglass hood and ditch the tube fenders and metal hood/bib. I have bumpers cage and boatsides but all chromoly and aluminum. I am considering ditching the 8274 w/synthetic for a new R/C winch (half the weight) but I am unsure.
the lemon weighed in at almost 5k with top, extra tank, lift with 33s, pushbar, and off road gear.
my 45 with 35s, no doors hardtop empty wieghed about 4300lbs
My 40 with a fiberglass body came in at 3778 lbs (without me in it). All the extras are listed in my Sig. The only metal body parts are the windshield frame, hood and bib.
Mine , I have no idea, but I know the wife is heavy,,,,,,,,,

This reminds me of the following ad I read somewhere,

" Sadly , I have to sell my old lady (67 fj40) ,, my lady said it must go.
Contact me at...........................
I am asking $4,500 for the old lady
or $4,000 for both of them."
Seems like weights vary from year to year. I'm seeing as much as a 1K difference. My 75's doors don't seem to be as heavy as the later models but maybe it's my imagination. Is the 1f heavier then the 2F? I know the 2F is heavier then a 350 V8.

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