Wanted H55F transmission hump cover

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Sep 8, 2008
Nashville, TN
United States
Putting an H55 into my FJ45 and looking for a raised transmission hump cover.

think I saw one posted here in the last day or so
Thanks I’ve seen those. I’m probably going to go that route but thought I would check here first for some used options
PMd him thanks
Interesting @Casey E I didn’t realize that. You got a pic by any chance? The top plate of the transmission doesn’t touch in any way?
I believe @FJ40GURU is selling raised inspection cover from a four speed which is the same except the location of the transfer opening. That is about a inch further back on the five speed.

They really aren’t needed, when Georg did mine they just relocated the holes, thing looks great. I wouldn’t waste my money on one honestly.

Woullike pictures myself. Year cruiser, power train and what crossmember? Seen 8/80-9/82 when add a H55F the transmission needs inspection cover modified and in front of the hump needing a little work to keep it from hitting when the motor flexes a little which is will with rubber motor mounts.
I’ll post some pics but not in this thread don’t want to get it off track. Latter tonight
NB: Post 83 floor and transmission inspection cover has a different shape to the later raised cover.


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