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Jan 18, 2007
Somerset, KY
Is it possible to replace 1st gear in a H42 to a 1st gear out of a H41. My self I don't thnik so but it doesn't hurt to as.
Wanting a lower 1st gear. Running 35" tires and would like a easier take off.

PM me if anyone has a H41 they want rid of

Thanks in advance.

The entire gear set in the H41 is different, not just first gear. I have an H41 that I'm selling but it's for a "B/3B" engine if you're interested. I could pull it apart and then all you'd need is the input shaft for the H41/F engine. I also have one for an "F/2F" but someone has called dibs on it and I'm expecting his payment soon. If I don't receive his payment in another week or so it'll be available again.
Deposit for the "F/2F" H41 arrived today so that's gone. The "B/3B" H41 is still available. I can tear it down to just the gear set and send it to you. I'd like $400 for it. All you'd need is the input shaft. If I have time I might be able to find one in Guatemala City here before I leave. PM me if you're interested and send me your phone number too.

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