H151 /150 input shaft length.

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Jan 8, 2004
Hi all
anyone got an H151 or 150 box out at the moment. I have a conversion plan in my mind and need the length of the input shaft please. From the face ( bellhousing surface) to the tip please, not from the bearing retainer.
All shall be revealed if this pans out.

Your help would be appriciated , and put you one ahead of the 60 guys who can't answer a similar question on the H55F. YET

Cheers Malleus
Very usefull info, but since I am researching making an adaptor plate, I need the measurements as well.

Well, those appear to be the guys who know...
Correct, and I am sure that if one of them has a box out or handy at the moment, they will indeed assist me.


No Guu
A 12HT into an FZJ80 series so I want to retain the 80's 151 box. There are no Toyota belhousings to suit, so the best plan, in my mind is to use the 12HT bellhousing and all the clutch parts, and mate this to the H151 box. Looking at pictures and manuals, it looks as if the H151 input shaft is longer than the H55F with the short (H & F)shaft. Hopefully the difference is close to the thickness of an adaptor plate.
So I need to know the respective input shaft length measurements, and the width of the bellhouseing (12ht/H55F) to see if we can make this happen.
At the moment i only have the engine to hand, hence all the questions about the other components.


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