H oil pan gasket replacement tips

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Dec 19, 2004
I'm changing my oil pan gasket on my 1980 HJ45 tomorrow and was wondering if anybody had any tips. I looked at the engine repair manual but it doesnt say much. I bought the gasket from SOR. for those that have done this did you use sealer at only the 4 corners as noted in the manual or on the entire gasket? Anything else I should be aware of?
When I do my 3b oil pan gasket I run a thin bead of copper form a gasket on both sides. I find that whenIi remove it, the gasket itself doesn't stick and tear. I can often reuse it.
I've done it on my HJ45. It's fairly straightforward. Be careful if you decide to use silicone sealer and have to ever remove to pan in the future. It can be a hugh PITA to get the pan off if it's sealed in place with a cork gasket and silicone. I think the FSM only recommends silicone to seal the seams near the front of the block and the rear of the block. (Front cover and rear main seal areas.)

I don't have the FSM in front of me at the moment. I forget the torque values for the pan bolts. It's not much. Too much torque and you will warp the mating surface of the oil pan.

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