GX Air Compressor Conversion

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Oct 20, 2010
Has anyone on here ever thought of converting the Air system on the GX into some type of useful on board air system. I haven't given it much thought but may start to look into it further. Just seeing if anyone on here has more experience with it.
The duty cycle and CFM/pressure from that thing is tiny. You would burn it up. I looked at it and then removed it and all those hoses and wires to clean it all up. Waste of time IMO.
I was thinking the same thing until i removed the compressor and saw how tiny it was. I ditched the idea and got a ARB compressor to run my lockers and inflate my tires, works like a charm

I just went C02 (power tank). Faster for tires, and I dont have ARBs. By the time I get them I will have new axles front and rear anyway!
I considered Co2 but the weight and size is not going to work for us, we are out of country allot during our Overlanding trips and Co2 is not always available for refill so we went with the ARB pump, not as fast as Co2 but we dont really care about fast when we are out in the middle of no where. I had Co2 on my 2 of my build Landcruisers and liked it. Lexy is used out of country more than the Landcruisers were.

C02 is the fastest way to air up but takes up a lot of space. I recently used a friend's ARB twin compressor and although pricey, that thing works pretty damn quickly, not as fast as CO2, but pretty close.
I have my C02 strapped upright in back...not much space at all. I don't do multi-week overlanding here in the SE so a day trip and quick air down/up works for me. Refills are easy to come by once a year (all I need to top off)
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Different uses/regions. Down here we have too much civilization!
whats your thoughts on using the factory compressor for running a set of air bags in the coils to help with towing. i did the bags on my old 4runner and was very happy with them but didnt have a dedicated air source. wondering if this would work?
I guess it would help if I looked deeper... Thanks that's exactly the info I was looking for!

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